Deep Learning Platform

Our premium plans include tools that make Lodestar a complete management suite for developing computer vision models from video data.

DS Workbench

No need to export annotations — live Jupyter integration.

Integrated Data Science Tools

DS Workbench gives you online access to the data and model your labelers are developing in the Annotation Suite. Use Jupyter to run experiments, filter annotations, train different models, and create reports, all without leaving Lodestar.

Lodestar Deep Learning Platform is a game-changer for data scientists. Break the cycle of waiting weeks or even months for a dataset to be labeled, then training a model, and finally running your analysis, making adjustments, and sending the labelers back to work, only to wait again.

Collaborate in Real Time

Using our Deep Learning Platform you’re collaborating in real time with the annotation team, running experiments against the dataset as it’s being labeled. Filter annotations and retrain a model on the fly. Run more experiments and guide the labeling work, testing your hypotheses before annotation goes too far down the wrong path.

Accomplish in two weeks what used to take you two months.

Break the label/train/analyze cycle and collaborate

IT Workbench

Compute Resource Management

The tools you need to seamlessly scale out compute and storage resources. Use Grafana for resource utilization monitoring, per-project cost allocation, and smart scheduling of GPU time.