Annotation Suite

$1,000/month or

The best no-code labeling environment for video data. Unlimited annotations, projects, and users. Export your annotations to train models using your existing tools.

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Deep Learning Platform

$5,000/month or

A complete labeling and model training environment.

Includes Video Annotator and Project Dashboard with Annotation Explorer and our Advanced Tools: DS Workbench and IT Workbench.

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Run Lodestar on powerful GPU workstations in the cloud. Our hosted environment brings you all the benefits of our platform without the hardware investment.

Choose from Annotation Suite or upgrade to the Deep Learning Platform.

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Annotation Suite vs
Deep Learning Platform

All plans feature Video Annotator and unlimited users, unlimited projects, and multiple GPU support (one active project per GPU, multi-GPU projects coming soon).

DS Workbench delivers a suite of data science tools fully integrated with your running projects and their datasets.

IT Workbench delivers the tools you need to manage projects, users, and compute resources.

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