Whether you’re solving a single problem or building a company around computer vision, you need Lodestar.

We’ve created a suite of intuitive tools help you unlock the value of your company’s visual data. If you need to turn video into computer vision applications, on our platform you can do it faster and for less money, so you can focus on solving real problems.

Annotation Suite

Everything you need to label a high-quality video dataset. This is where you’ll set up new projects, upload video, and monitor progress. Once a project is ready, you can get subject matter experts started on the labeling simply by sharing a link.

video annotator screen

Video Annotator

  • Easily navigate through hours of video with familiar player controls.
  • Zoom in and out of the frame to verify objects and refine bounding boxes.
  • Create object categories and monitor annotation counts without leaving the annotator.
  • Add notes to annotations.

Project Dashboard

With everything in one place, you can run more projects and experiments than ever before. Create new projects, manage GPU acceleration, load more video, and monitor labeling and model training progress. Export your labeled datasets, monitor and manage annotation quality, and more.