Whether you’re solving a single problem or building a company around computer vision, you need Lodestar.

We’ve created a suite of intuitive tools help you unlock the value of your company’s visual data. If you need to turn video into computer vision applications, on our platform you can do it faster and for less money, so you can focus on solving real problems.

Project Dashboard

With everything in one place, you can run more projects and experiments than ever before. Create new projects, manage GPU acceleration, load more video, and monitor labeling and model training progress. Export your labeled datasets, monitor and manage annotation quality, and more.

Project Setup

Manage individual projects

  • Upload hours of video into a project.
  • Activate and GPU-accelerate individual projects.
  • Monitor detailed project data.

Project Explorer

Manage and monitor all of your projects

  • Manage up to twenty active projects as well as paused or inactive projects.
  • See how many annotations have been made and track and model accuracy progress at a glance.
  • Assign GPUs to projects directly from the dashboard.

Data Management

Design datasets and train annotators

  • Document best labeling practices for each object category.
  • Select annotations to use for training and clarification of edge cases.
  • Monitor the accuracy of the built-in AI objection detection model for each category.

Annotation Explorer

Navigate the dataset

  • Browse through annotations.
  • Filter annotations by:
    • Category
    • Review status
    • Notes for custom workflows.
  • Add exemplars to training materials.

Annotation Suite

Powerful Video Annotation

The Annotation Suite is a full-featured video dataset labeling solution. This is where you’ll set up new projects, upload video, and monitor progress. Once a project is ready, you can get subject matter experts started on the labeling simply by sharing a link.

Deep Learning Platform

Integrated Data Science and IT Tools

DS Workbench give you online Jupyter notebook access to the data and model your labelers are developing in Video Annotator. IT Workbench provides the tools to managecompute and storage resources. All without leaving Lodestar Deep Learning Platform.