One-stop shop for video
annotation and AI model training.

Lodestar is a complete management suite for developing computer vision models from video data. Our game-changing technology can help create production models 4x faster than traditional AI workflows.

Real-time active

Higher accuracy with fewer labels. A continuously trained AI model ranks every frame of video and finds the ones to label first. It searches for objects that will increase model accuracy — underrepresented categories, partially obscured objects, and other edge cases buried in your data.


As you add labels, we continuously train a custom AI model. This AI assistant then automatically labels new objects, helping annotators complete complex frames in seconds. This virtuous circle of label, train, and predict supercharges every project.


Annotation and data science operations run in parallel, off a single-source-of-truth dataset. Data scientists experiment while the subject matter experts annotate. Build hypotheses on the generated datasets and test them, then follow up with new instructions to the labelers, all in real time.

Unlimited labels.
One price.

Stop worrying if labeling all the data you need will break your budget. Price-per-label plans make no sense for active data science teams.

Mine hours
of video data

Process hours of video to drive predictive labeling and active learning to find what you need automatically. No curating images or video clips to find the objects you need to label. You're a data scientist, not a video editor.

Video at scale

Our subscription plans include from ten to unlimited hours of video in your projects. Drag and drop long videos in any standard format into your project and get to work.

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