Accelerate. Iterate. Celebrate.

Find your AI the Lodestar way. Our no-code deep learning software accelerates video labeling and model training.

Get Results On Day One with Lodestar Navigator™

Accelerate Your Success

Computer vision projects take too long, are too expensive, and are too hard to get right. So we’ve created a suite of intuitive tools that allow your company to use visual data to develop intelligent systems in less time, for less money. Your data, your people, your business.

Now that’s something to celebrate.

Continuous training

Active Learning
accelerates model training

Your AI model trains itself continuously as you work. Our human in the loop workflow uses active learning to rank video frames by learning potential, in real time, thanks to GPU acceleration, dramatically reducing the time to a working object recognition model.

Optimized for small data sets

Label a few objects
and see fast results

Labeling as few as twenty objects trains a model that helps you understand your dataset and find the path to success before investing in large-scale data collection and labeling.

All hands on deck

Max out your projects
and hardware

Run a lot of projects. Get everyone involved. Our pricing plans make the most of your GPUs and have no limits on users or projects.

Continuous training

Active Learning
eliminates guesswork

Active Learning trains continuously as you work and allows subject matter experts to focus on labeling relevant content, not guessing which images would be most useful for training the model. Labelers quickly become highly productive, dramatically reducing workload and training time.

No-code object recognition

Start labeling
in minutes

You’re a subject matter expert, not a computer scientist or a data scientist. Train an AI to recognize objects without writing a single line of code.

Video labeling

Work directly with
video files

Import video and start labeling objects. No converting video into individual frames then sorting through hundreds of thousands of images to create a data set to start working on.

Resource management

Effective compute
resource management

The tools you need to manage compute resources from one to hundreds of nodes, from custom dashboards for resource monitoring to compute cost allocation to individual projects and smart scheduling of GPU time.

Install environments

On-premise support
for data security

On-premise and even air-gapped installation support protects your most sensitive corporate data while our cloud-native platform makes it simple to set up and scale project infrastructure in cloud environments.

High resource utilization

Optimize hardware

Maintain high levels of compute resource utilization as you scale your AI investment. Start small and scale up, keeping utilization above 80% with resource management and ops tools and efficient human workflows.

Faster results

production AI systems

Escape the never-ending AI R&D trap. Accelerated model training leads to production-ready AI systems that solve real problems. Realize a return on your AI investment.

Fix AI economics

Align investments in
data, compute, and people

Properly align your investments in data collection and labeling, compute infrastructure, and valuable personnel. Break the bottlenecks in each realm so the economics, and your AI results, improve as you scale.

Scale compute, not labor

Automation optimizes
your resources

Intelligent, automated learning allows data scientists to work only on high-impact problems, subject matter experts to engage in large numbers to add meaning to data, and computing resources to be highly utilized, turning human intelligence-bound bottlenecks into compute-bound problems that scale easily.

Lodestar Navigator is a Game Changer

“Typically we’d spend up to two months with a client on a proof of concept; labeling video data sets and developing a computer vision model to the point they were confident it would meet their needs and the project would be successful. Using Lodestar Navigator we’re getting there in a matter of hours. It’s not only accelerating our projects and increasing the return on investment, it’s changing the way we approach clients on these projects—we can spend an hour with them and demonstrate results instead of talking about possibilities.”

— Product Manager, IoT consulting firm